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Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Specialist

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A sleep apnea mouthpiece only pushes your jaw forward a little bit, but it makes a big difference in your breathing capabilities at night. At Hibernation Sleep MN in the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Nathaniel Cogswell, DDS, DABDSM, can help you try out different sleep apnea mouthpieces and find one that feels comfortable and improves your breathing while you sleep. To learn more about available sleep apnea mouthpieces, call Hibernation Sleep MN, or book an appointment online today.

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Q&A

What is a sleep apnea mouthpiece?

A sleep apnea mouthpiece is a noninvasive, customizable treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. You might develop obstructive sleep apnea if you have an airway obstruction when you lie down or relax. The tissues surrounding your airway can close or collapse as you fall asleep, causing you to struggle for air throughout the night. 

As a treatment for sleep apnea, a mouthpiece works by holding your jaw a few millimeters forward from its normal position. This is a simple way to keep your airway open and continuously get the oxygen your brain and body need to function properly. 

There are many sleep apnea mouthpieces available, and they’re not all exactly alike. Some have different features, depending on your unique anatomy, like a splint that holds your tongue in place or an adjustable arm to move your jaw. 

When should I consider getting a sleep apnea mouthpiece?

Dr. Cogswell can help you decide if a sleep apnea mouthpiece is your best option for treatment and which type of appliance works well with your facial structure. You might need to try a few before you come across one that feels comfortable and reduces your symptoms effectively. 

You should consider booking a consultation at Hibernation Sleep MN for a sleep apnea mouthpiece if you’ve already tried other treatments for your sleep apnea, like weight loss or a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, and haven’t yet found relief.

What are the advantages of sleep apnea mouthpieces?

Sleep apnea mouthpieces have a number of advantages over CPAP machines and over surgeries to treat airway obstructions. While comparing your treatment options, Dr. Cogswell can help you see the benefits of using a mouthpiece as your primary treatment for sleep apnea. 

Here are some of the advantages of sleep apnea mouthpieces:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to transport
  • Snoring alleviation
  • Energy conservation (no need to plug them in and use electricity)
  • Noninvasive

Most patients notice an immediate difference in their sleep quality during their first night using a sleep apnea mouthpiece. Dr. Cogswell helps you choose between top brands and types like ProSomnus®, Panthera®, Whole You™, and SomnoDent®. 

Over time, you notice a reduction in other symptoms of sleep apnea too. You feel less fatigued and better able to concentrate on tasks throughout the day. Plus, getting better sleep with a sleep apnea mouthpiece reduces your risk for complications like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. 

To find out more about sleep apnea mouthpieces and how they function, don’t hesitate to call Hibernation Sleep MN for an appointment or request one online today.