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Oral Appliances


Our office provides FDA approved, custom made oral appliances of the highest quality to treat snoring and sleep apnea. We are generally able to have these services billed through your medical insurance. We are also one of the few Twin Cities providers that accepts Medicare and UCARE insurance patients.

The oral appliances that work best for our patients currently include the Panthera, Whole You, and Prosomnus IA devices. Each patient is carefully evaluated to determine which appliance will work best for them, whether it is one of these commonly used devices or if another will be uniquely prescribed. These devices all work by advancing and maintaining the lower jaw just slightly forward while sleeping. This forward position of the jaw lifts tissues away from the back of the throat and keeps your airway open and clear so you can have restful sleep of “hibernation” quality.

Health insurance has set forth very specific requirements that must be complied with in order to cover sleep apnea treatments. Therefore, our office will be working closely with your medical primary care and sleep physicians to ensure that you receive the maximum allowable insurance coverage and minimize your out of pocket costs.



Prosomnus IA

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