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Chronic Fatigue Specialist

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Chronic fatigue causes daytime tiredness and trouble functioning, and it can even make it hard for you to fall asleep at night. With a custom oral sleep apnea appliance from Nathaniel Cogswell, DDS, DABDSM, at Hibernation Sleep MN in the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota, you can improve your rest and reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue by addressing one of the possible roots of the problem. To schedule your initial consultation for chronic fatigue treatment, request an appointment by phone or online at Hibernation Sleep MN today.

Chronic Fatigue Q&A

What is chronic fatigue?

Chronic fatigue is a condition that makes you feel excessively sleepy throughout the day, even if you feel like you slept for a reasonable amount of time at night. Getting any work done with chronic fatigue can feel nearly impossible, and you might experience other symptoms like:

  • Memory problems
  • Concentration problems
  • Frequent headaches
  • Frequent sore throat
  • Muscle or joint pain

Like other chronic diseases, symptoms of chronic fatigue might not affect you all the time. You might even go through periods of remission when it seems like the condition has resolved itself. Though chronic fatigue can be difficult to diagnose and treat since it has no cure, you can work with your physician and Hibernation Sleep MN to explore treatments that might work for you.

What can chronic fatigue indicate?

Experts aren’t always sure how or why chronic fatigue develops in some people. However, recent studies show that nearly 50% of patients with chronic fatigue may have obstructive sleep apnea as the root of their problem. 

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition Dr. Cogswell can help you manage as it’s his primary specialty. At night, the condition causes breathing problems because of a constricted airway. This happens when you lay down or relax and the tissues surrounding your airway collapse.

Night after night, obstructive sleep apnea keeps you from getting the ideal amount of oxygen for your body to function well. It also disrupts your sleep quality and quantity. The effects are evident during the day, too, causing symptoms that are also very typical of chronic fatigue. 

Over time, sleep apnea can develop into chronic fatigue for some people. If your physician has given you a chronic fatigue diagnosis and suspects that obstructive sleep apnea contributes to it, Dr. Cogswell can work with you in treatment.

How can a dentist treat chronic fatigue?

If you have chronic fatigue linked with obstructive sleep apnea, treating your sleep apnea may reduce some of the symptoms and help you feel satiated after a night of sleep. 

In addition to any medications prescribed by your physician, like antidepressants or pain relief medications, Dr. Cogswell can address your sleep apnea-related chronic fatigue with a custom oral appliance.

Hibernation Sleep MN offers a few varieties of oral appliances for sleep apnea. Dr. Cogswell evaluates you before recommending the type he thinks is a good fit. These devices push your lower jaw forward slightly, which holds your airway open so you can breathe uninhibited as you sleep. 

By allowing for better sleep and helping you get the oxygen your brain needs for a more wakeful day, an oral appliance can improve your memory, concentration, and energy. 

If you have a chronic fatigue diagnosis and want to explore its links with obstructive sleep apnea, call Hibernation Sleep MN, or book an appointment online today.